When Visiting Fantastic Playtorium, Please Remember the Following Guidelines and Restrictions:

  • Waivers must be always be signed in order to enter the play area.
  • Remember: socks are always required for both kids and adults in the play area.
  • Please leave food and drinks outside of designated play areas.
  • Pushing, rough play and shouting are not tolerated. Please remind your children the rules of playing nicely.
  • Parents are required to supervise their children at all times. Never leave your child unattended.
  • The toddler area is a designed and designated for children under three years of age ONLY. Please keep your older children out of this area.
  • Bracelets/bands need to be worn/kept until you leave the premises
  • Have fun and play safe!

You and your child’s complete enjoyment of our indoor playground is our only goal. Please recognize that our rules and policies were put into place to protect each and every family that visits and that your cooperation is always appreciated.