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Our Indoor Playground Highlights The Value Of Exercise for Your Growing Child Part 2

Our Indoor Playground Highlights The Value Of Exercise for Your Growing Child Part 2.png

Children love to run and play. These balls of energy also enjoy running free, frolicing, climbing, and learning along the way. Not only does playtime help your little one to learn valuable social skills, but it can also set the path for a lifetime of healthy outcomes. We all want the best for our children, and the scientific community has established the full value of fitness in regards to overall health. Growing bodies require physical exercise to grow strong and healthy, supporting better blood pressure, stronger bones, improved weight control, and more. As a fun, engaging indoor playground in the Bellevue area, Funtastic Playtorium is here to help children across Washington maximize their fun in an engaging, dynamic environment. We proudly provide the best birthday party packages, secure kids’ play areas in Alderwood and Factoria, and space for parents to watch and relax the excitement unfold.

While our last blog post highlighted a few of the many physical benefits derived from exercise, today’s post will cover more of the mental and emotional benefits of playtime. Be sure to contact our team to learn about both of our kids’ indoor playgrounds before reserving your party!

Cognitive Benefits of Playing

Growing up healthy and strong is important, even for those who enjoy a good story over a game of tag. All children stand to benefit from exercise, especially in regards to intelligence and emotional health. Simply put, exercise is good for brains of all ages! Be sure to make time for your child to run and play; it’ll help them feel better, and they’ll be better able to take on academic tasks in the future.

Healthy Brain Development

Your child’s brain is in the process of building and connecting complex neural pathways, enhancing brain development and paving the way for more intellectual advantages throughout life. Playtime is the perfect opportunity for your child to run amok, developing their gross and fine motor skills in the process. Engagement keeps the brain active and thriving, and our indoor playground is designed to maximize your little one’s adventure.

Enhancing Executive Function

Child development is a time of complex advancement and rapid growth. Many factors surrounding the child’s sense of self and purpose play a role in developing their executive function, a combination of cognitive processes such as:

  • Attentional control. What your child pays attention to and what they choose to ignore can play a major role in the classroom. Exercise helps with energy consumption, lending a role in benefitting your little one’s concentration.
  • Inhibitory control. We are all reactive through childhood, slowly developing the ability to control our impulses and habits. Regular exercise can help your child develop sound reasoning processes to begin understanding their actions and emotions.
  • Working memory. The hand-eye coordination associated with playtime may also lend a role in increasing your kid’s working memory. This helps to improve language development and processing.
  • Cognitive inhibition. Distractions are commonplace in our modern society, with gadgets and immediate gratification becoming the new norms. Frequent playtime is suggested to help your adventurer help to tune out distracting stimuli in their environment. This focus will prove to be a valuable lifelong skill!
  • Cognitive flexibility. Over time, your little star will begin to develop the ability to switch between two concepts when critically thinking. This ability will provide major benefits for cognitive development, including the ability to multitask.

Playtime Enhances Creativity and Imagination

Children have the amazing ability to imagine and create an entire world seemingly without outside influences. Playtime is the perfect opportunity to pretend, building on theoretical practices to help your little one better understand what life is like in others’ shoes. Not only is this beneficial for forming social bonds now, but studies have shown that children who are more imaginative in their younger years tend to be more creative later on. Creativity can be valuable for numerous reasons, including the ability to solve problems by thinking outside of the box.

There are many amazing reasons why your kid should run out and play. Regardless of the weather, parents looking for an indoor playground in the Bellevue area can benefit from visiting one of our two locations. Funtastic Playtorium is dedicated to providing a fun, safe environment to allow kids to run around and act their age. We also provide the perfect birthday party venue for your little one. Contact us today to learn more and be sure to stop by one of our play areas!

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